Monday, September 8, 2008

Edgar Allen Floe - Road To Streetwise FREE DOWNLOAD

Edgar Allen Floe The Road To Street Wise. This is being promoted as a free mixtape download, but honestly this shit right here is a full album. With production from 9th wonder, Khrysis, J Wheelz, myself and others this is a must have. theres not much to say except COP IT because its crazy and of course also. FREE!!!!!!

free download

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ted Taylor - Keepin' My Head Above Water (1978)

Whats going on people. Now this one right here got some serious shit on it. 5 words "I Can't Take It Anymore". That joint is a must peep for sure. Other highlights on this album include the joint Ludacris used for waterfalls which is called "Be Ever Wonderful" That joint is aight but make sure you peep i cant take it anymore because that shit is retarded. Untill next time. PEACE

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Revelation - Self Titled (1975)

This album has one of my all time favorite joints called what good am i (without you). Very classic material right here I'm blessing y'all with. This album could be classified as sweet soul, but it has some more upbeat moments as well (which i personally aint feeling). There is also a pretty filthy drum break on here but i know most producers now a days don't even sample there own drums and just use premade kits for there fruity loop programs. *shakes head in disapointment*. But for my real diggas its there for yall. enjoy heres the link peace

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Freeway - The Truth (prod by jake one)

Wow @ this beat. jake one is fucked. really fire production if u aint know now u know. I am really feelin this one alot. Unfourtunatly brother ali (who is on the original one) didnt make the cut on the version im posting because he tryed to sing sounding like garth brooks. not a good look bro ali. anyways here it is. COP jake ones album when it drops and make sure u skip bro alis part cuz it sucks!. (sorry bro ali i like your other shit but this time u blew it especially wit a beat this fire)

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Nancy Wilson - Where does that leave me

Hi peeps, this is MagicSoul, i want to contribute in here a bit. Peep this:

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Its a song from Nancy which is a nonalbum song, was on some single. Its a dope song, and i saw a video long time ago from one of the early BeatSociety Sessions. Severall beatmakers like illmind , nottz n others got that sample, and they all made pure heat out of it...i will peep if i can find this youtube vid, cause its dopeness. Peace, and take care

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jayson Hoover - Self Titled

This album here is dope to me because it is my homie uncles album (peace 2 werd one). This is a extremely rare Canadian soul LP by Jayson Hoover. Jayson hoover is from Vancouver (my home town). There ain't much to say really about this album except that its dope and that Jayson hoover look like a fake ass Richard Prior. This album is very expensive in the range from 70$ to 90$ and is very rare so i am blessing you with this one. The cut that you are going to want check out on this album is called "She's my lady" which is certified HEAT! anyways enjoy

Big Shug Ft Singapore Kane, Termonology - My Boston (produced by dj premier)

Yo Dj Premier is on fire lately so much heat from him. This is another joint i had to post up which is retarded wit Big Shug, Termanology, and Singapore Kane. Dj Premier murdered this beat. CHECK IT OUT

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